About Fortune String

Fortune string originated in South America, Brazil, called the prayer rope. South America and Europe’s soccer players allegedly wear “Misanga”, before the last game, to pray for the game to go smoothly. It was also a souvenir of the church, originally introduced to Japan, and then throughout the world, and the habit of tying rope for luck became widely prevalent.

Fortune string has many different names, such as the Wishing belt, the friendship bracelet, and the Brazilian bracelet.

Although fortune string making has become a craft, there are still a lot of people convinced of its magic, and keep the aspirations of its promise in mind: love, health, education, friendship, business, investment etc. and so on, look forward to the day when the rope breaks and the dream is realized.

Whether it can bring people luck, everyone needs to be careful to understand its individual needs. Fortunately we sell 100% hand-woven rope, each segment connected to the other meticulously. It has good quality braided rope, water does not make it fade, but we recommend that you do not wear it in the shower, so you can keep the colors brighter.

Fortune string is not just worn on the wrist or ankle to pray. It can be used as key rings, hair ornaments, or backpack decoration. It is good-looking and easy to use, whether it is to give as a gift or for personal use. Now go pick your favorite color, pattern, thickness to match your personality, and start getting lucky!